Caroline and Johnathan

Caroline & Johnathan 1

Caroline and Johnathan were married in early autumn this year at Poacher’s Pantry, under the shade of a huge tree. During that time of year, the weather can get terribly hot during the day, but the warm nights and a lovely breeze are perfect for a garden wedding and marquee reception.

Caroline & Johnathan 2

I spent the day of the wedding setting up a floral chandelier and other floral arrangements to be ready in time for the reception. I was busy, but managed to sneak a peek at the goings-on after the ceremony (and to see how the other flower decorations I’d made were holding up). The guests were playing vintage lawn games to the sound of a live string quartet, and the flower garlands I’d made were blowing in the trees as children played around them. I felt like I was in the middle of a wedding set in a Jane Austen film.

Caroline & Johnathan 8
Caroline & Johnathan 9

Caroline and Johnathan chose a baby pink and navy blue colour scheme, which worked out brilliantly. I have to admit, before their wedding I hadn’t done a combination of these colours and I had to do a bit of research to figure out the best way for them to work together. Navy blue is such a masculine, yet elegant and posh colour. It was represented in the groom’s jacket, the bridesmaids’ dresses, and the tablecloths at the reception. The baby pink was used as accents, through the flowers—which is where I came in. I made a conscious decision to use as light a pink as possible to make it less ‘serious’, and used Poeme and Bianca Candy roses. I loved the feminine innocence of the pinks against the masculine navy, and it made me think of the old saying,“Opposites attract.”

Caroline & Johnathan 5
Caroline & Johnathan 3
Caroline & Johnathan 6

I love the set of photos here by Thorson Photography, which really evoke the festive mood and wonderful summer feeling of the day.

Caroline & Johnathan 7
Caroline & Johnathan 4