Countdown to Valentine's Day

Hi everyone, only three and a bit weeks until Valentine’s Day! I am now nervously counting down the days as I’ve had to make some changes to the website and think a bit more about how to make my plan work. The change to the website is that I’ve added a shop so people can conveniently buy their Valentine’s Day bouquets online. And because I’m a ‘less is more’ type of girl, I’ve made the flower selection and check out system as simple as possible. I’m so excited about getting my first orders through the website!

As for how my plan is going to work, I’ve now met with with two lovely ladies from the Canberra Hospital Foundation (CHF). We’ve decided it would be good to donate the flowers to the patients at the primary aged care ward, so approximately 26 people. The flowers will be delivered the day after Valentine’s Day (Monday 15 February).

At our meeting, the CHF ladies invited me to stay for morning tea with some of the patients after I’ve delivered the flowers. At that moment, I realised that spending time with the patients is actually more important than the flowers. While the flowers are a really important gesture, I feel that if I don’t spend time with the people receiving them, the donation will be meaningless.

I also thought, why not see if other people would like to help out? I’ve asked the hospital, and they’ve said I can bring three people with me. So if you’d like to help me deliver the flowers, spend time with some of the patients, and join me for morning tea, please get in touch! First in, best dressed!

Finally, I’ve also been pondering about the cards that will be attached to the donated flowers, which are quite important to me. Why? Because I think it would be nice if they were a bit more personal, so the recipient feels loved. So if you decide to buy a Valentine’s Day bouquet from me, you’ll be asked to write a short message to the patient. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be War and Peace. Something as simple as ‘Dear … Wishing you a very happy Valentine’s Day , from <your first name>’ will suffice. I’ll then fill in the recipients’ names when I receive the list from the hospital.

It’s all slowly coming together, and I’m really excited. Remember, I’m looking for volunteers to come along with me on the day, so if you’re interested, I’d love to hear from you!