My 2016 Valentine's Day Plan

Happy 2016 everyone! After a few long months of not any writing blog posts, it may seem odd that my first one for 2016 is about Valentine’s Day. I suppose it’s especially odd to me since I loathe Valentine’s Day—it’s not because of the crazy work pressure and long hours I’ve had in past years while working in other shops. I simply don’t like the concept of it. Valentine’s Day just doesn’t make sense to me. In the florist shop I used to work in, a line would form from inside the shop, all the way outside. The phone would ring non-stop. The more last minute, the more desperate people were for flowers—not as a true declaration of love, but just to get out of trouble. I personally think Valentine’s Day should be an excuse to show love for all the people who matter in one’s life, not just partners. I like the idea of sending love messages to my single friends, and friends I haven’t seen in a while.

I was thinking about this, and an idea came to me.

If Peony N’ Pearl is going to sell flowers for Valentine’s Day, it has to be about people who matter in one’s life and not be exclusive to love between significant others. My original idea was that every time I sell one bouquet for Valentine’s Day, the sender would get to send another posy for free to another person of their choice; hopefully someone important to them, such as a friend they haven’t seen in a while, someone in hospital, their grandmother.

But the more I thought about it, the more problems I came up with. What if the sender didn’t know what to do with the second posy? What if it was wasted on someone who didn’t deserve it? How would I manage to do 50 per cent of my deliveries for free in one day? There was no way it was going to work.

So I simplified the idea. And here it is: with every bunch of flowers purchased for Valentine’s Day from Peony N’ Pearl, I will donate a little posy to someone in hospital. This satisfied two of my criteria:

  • one type of recipient who will truly appreciate flowers on Valentine’s Day, tick.
  • one delivery destination for the donated flowers, tick.


But then it was time to call Canberra Hospital and see if my idea would work. It took some courage for me to call and ask. Through a friend, I managed to find the right person to talk to. And thankfully, that person is enthusiastic about the idea and thinks that it is realistic. To be honest, I’ve had this idea about giving flowers to a hospital for months and months, and up until that point it seemed more like a dream. A dream that is now no longer out of reach, and is tangible!

There will have to be a lot of organisation to make this happen, and I’m still working out the details about how I can support the Canberra Hospital. At this point the hospital has asked for the flowers to be directed to aged care. Being a hospital, it’s not surprising to hear that they often receive donations of all sorts, but aged care tends to be an area that is forgotten. Which makes them the perfect recipient for the flowers and the dream I’ve been longing to fulfil.

I’ll post updates and ‘how to order’ details next week as the plan comes together.


Canberra Hospital Foundation
Canberra Hospital Foundation