Stefanies Flower Dress

In the midst of Valentine’s Day week and wedding excitements this month, I also patiently worked on a custom dress for a very unique bride, Stefanie, with Rachel from One of a Kind. Rachel made the dress ‘base’ while I created a flower skirt to go over it. Rachel also very kindly made me the peplum base for the skirt. The silk flower-covered skirt is detachable so the bride can put it on and take it off the dress as she pleases! Stefanie decided on a flower dress because she felt the dresses she saw in shops or online just didn’t feel right for her. She said she wanted to feel like she had fallen asleep in a meadow and woken up covered in flowers. That type of imagery certainly sparked my imagination!


Rachel and I designed the skirt so the peplum sat above Stefanie’s hips and the flowers were in different shades of white. My strategy in the placement of flowers revolved around their volume. Because the flowers would start above the hips, it was important for the flowers at the top to be as small as possible, with the size of the flowers gradually getting bigger as they moved down to the bottom of the skirt.


I made the base layer of the floral detail by cutting out individual hydrangea petals and attaching each one on the peplum base to create a flat, yet soft and feathery look. It was repetitive work, but needed to be done with precision, which meant concentration. I felt like this must be a tiny window into what it’s like to create a couture piece for Dior.

Next, I arranged the main flowers on the skirt, from smallest at the top, with the volume rising towards the bottom. After these were in place, I covered any blank spaces with more hydrangea florets until the skirt was nice and full. Finally, I embellished the skirt with smaller flowers, placed randomly around the skirt to break up the rhythm and add a more organic look and feel.

It took me about seven working days to make the skirt and I honestly couldn’t be happier with the result! Every time I caught a glimpse of it I found myself wanting to look at it for longer.


I can’t wait to see Stefanie in her flower dress—combined with her heels and veil, she’s going to look amazing! Thank you Stefanie for asking me to create this special piece for you, and huge congratulations on tying the knot today!

20160224_102846 cropped