Erin's Birthday

Erin, Canberra’s queen of Vintage caravan, the mastermind behind ‘My Sweet Alice’ had turned 30 last week and she is throwing a classic vintage inspired garden party to celebrate! I felt so lucky to be asked to provide flowers and to be invited to stay for the event . The party was going to be an afternoon picnic at Canberra’s Old Parliament House Rose garden. Erin was so gracious in giving me the creative freedom for the flowers. As Canberra gardens flourishes in spring, especially of roses in October, I didn’t want to compete with that. Especially that Alice will be located in the rose garden itself. With that in mind, I decided to do something a bit different: a plant arrangement! I thought it would be the perfect decoration as well as a gift for Erin. She works hard cooking and baking every week so why not give her something she can use in her garden? And while I’m at it, I decided to use an old weathered wood that we rescued from revolve to custom make the arrangements container. I asked my handy husband to do the sawing and drilling. After he finished, he couldn't bare to let it go as the size sits perfectly on our new coffee table.

I have been to a Sweet Alice birthday event once, but Erin’s birthday was my first time helping them set up. It was a great feeling when everything was properly done. I have realized now more than ever what a perfectionist Erin is when it comes to parties. "If you're having a party, you have to do it properl."- she says as we were unpacking chocolate brownies, cupcakes and macaroons. And yes, yes I agree with that completely! Tess from ‘Style My Aisle’ was there to set up tables, chairs and picnic rugs, and Chloe had baked Erin her birthday cake topped with berries and roses. Beautiful gardens and objects, yummy food, perfect weather and company… it is good to be alive.

 Happy Birthday Erin! Wishing you many beautiful days like these, success and happiness in years ahead with Alice...!