Shower in Blooms Photoshoot

thought I know what it means to have passion in something, and then I met Garry Chiu of GC photography- and now I don't know what that word means anymore.Garry somehow found me and contacted me via facebook back in December to see if I was interested for a shoot. I replied straight away saying yes! We somehow got chatting away about 2 photographers that we happen to both know and love (Kirsty Mitchell and Von Wong). Garry is one of those people who has so much character that his personality is transparent even from chatting, so we got along really well before we've even met!

Christmas and New Year came not long after so I took the holiday period to really recuperate from a year of madness while Garry went ahead and pretty much organized everything. Sure enough a few days before I flew back to Australia I checked my facebook and Garry has got a team ready waiting for me. Garry relied on me for theme and ideas so pressure's on. Thankfully Canberra happen to have a lot of rain that week so one night while I was sitting on my bed with my pencil and paper I just happen to come up with a title "Shower in Blooms" And the imagination flows from there.

I really wanted to incorporate my flowers and wire work in 1 image so I decided to design my very first wired head piece and a peir of flower crystal earrings to go with it.

We had the shoot on Saturday 7th of February, which happen to be a very busy day for me. I had to deliver flowers for a wedding at 2:30pm and set up for my first bridal expo before 4pm. And so the shoot will have to finish at 1:30pm the latest.

I made everyone come to my house for the shoot so that I can keep all the flowers that I needed in the flower fridge- and everyone graciously did. There were definitely a lot of coffee being made and handed around the house. I woke up at 4:30am to work on the flowers of the head piece. I decided not to do it any earlier because out of all flowers, I find that blue flowers are the most fragile.

The only person that I have ever worked with is Marie Donnell from Myshairdesign - I adore Marie, and I'm so happy that she's able to do Paris's make up. Paris was my first preferance for model because of her captivating blue eyes. So when first Garry told me that we got her I was pretty ecstatic. Erika, Paris's mum was with us the whole time. Us kids cant function without her. She got us props, helped Paris to take her for dress fitting provided by Vicky from Rockstars and Royalty, and a steam iron last minute. And then there's my husband, Greg who loves people and stayed with us all throughout the shoot helping us doing small odd things that makes a huge difference.

After we finished prettying up Paris, I suddenly realized that she looked like Elsa from Frozen- which is ironic because I don't like Frozen at all. Marie even braided her hair so she looks like Elsa even more! Is it possible that my dislike for frozen is so apparent that I decided to subconsciously created one in real life??? And because I also dislike the soundtrack we started singing "Let it Go". I guess I was so happy and excited at the time I didn't really care.

Shooting was so much fun. Garry connected his SLR to his laptop so that we can see the photos that he took on LightRoom and comment as he shoots away. He took a lot of really funny ones and also told us a lot of really funny stories. Greg's brother Luke, is living with us at the moment. He reported that he heard more laughing than "the clicking of cameras" (his words) coming from downstairs. That's probably about right. We weren't the most efficient bunch, but we most certainly are a creative bunch that managed experiment a few different things.

After taking enough beauty shots to our hearts content, we tried this trick that Garry has been wanting to try called "Glam the Dress". That is when Erika and I lift up the outer layer of Paris's dress on either size, and dropped it on queue- and then it look like her dress is being blown! In this photo my fingers accidentally got caught on the dress so I flicked it instead of dropping it- but it ended up being one of our favorite!

And then because the title of this shoot is "Shower in Blooms" we also tried throwing petals around Paris so it looks like she is posing in a rain of petals . It was my idea, but none of us really know how to achieve it. So the first time tried it, Erika literally threw a bunch of petals on Paris's face- it was hilarious! We had a really good laugh out of that, but then we manage to do it again out of confusion. I guess we have to start from somewhere!

We tried throwing petals in different ways while Marie was concentrating on the photographs that appears on the laptop and constantly giving us feedback on what works and what doesn't. We finally manage to pull this photo out of a few experiments. Pretty amazing right? What we did was, Erika and me are throwing petals on either side of Paris from below. Greg also threw petals from in front of Paris but just lightly so it doesn't reach to her face. Even when the petals are being thrown from below, it still looks like it's falling from above on camera.

So that was it! It was a huge day for me and felt like I've achieved a lot to last me awhile. I found a lot of things that I need to improve on from this experience. And the one thing that I am most proud of (apart from producing these amazing images with a kick ass team) is actually how I managed to keep the flowers alive all throughout the shoot. Meanwhile, Garry, Marie and Paris went away and did like another 5 other shoots in the next 10 days. You just can't limit love and passion combined together. I hope you are inspired by these ideas and images!