Fashfest - Rockstars & Royalty

I had heard about Rockstars & Royalty and the glowing reputation of her beautiful handmade gowns long before I met her. Vicky and I first met at a shoot organized for Swish Vintage. Only a few months later I found my work in a whirlwind of press releases and photoshoots surrounded by her beautiful work to promote Fashfest.

Working alongside Vicky for Fashfest was one of the most demanding yet rewarding experiences I’ve had. I didn’t just learn a lot about fashion, but also the ins and outs of press releases. Vicky was an amazing person to work with and it was a dream to be a part of her new collection “Cherries in the Snow”.

On the day of the event, Vicky and I were the first ones arriving in the morning carting flowers, petticoats, dresses, shoes, accessories backstage, you name it. I had pre-prepared a lot of the basic things and spent all day making fresh flower accessories before it hit the catwalk at around 8pm.

The finale dress was a huge hit. The bodice was covered in hand-glued crystals in crystal, pink and red ombre and the over skirt was made out of mostly fresh flowers. A few weeks after the event, a lady who sat in the audience that night bought the dress and wore it for her actual wedding. I replaced the fresh flowers with silk flowers for the occasion.

Photography by Martin Ollman