Oh Happy Day 

In 2015, the Handmade Market ladies and Tegan from Hustle and Scout teamed up to have an ‘all party expo’ called “Oh Happy Day” at the National Portrait Gallery. I was asked to create a feature for the main hall, although I have to admit that the final idea wasn’t my own. When I first went to the venue with Rachel from Shop Handmade, she looked at the ceiling and said, “Floral Chandelier.” And was it, everyone agreed on the spot and the decision was made.

Hoisting up the floral chandelier in the National Portrait Gallery was a heart stopping moment for me. We worked with the gallery to secure steel cables through the many hanging lights that were already present at the venue. Once the chandelier had been installed, I arranged the flowers while standing on a fork-lift which was fun.

I worked with Lovely Events to decorate the table setting display for the afternoon, and also set up a stall to speak with newly engaged couples and event managers about upcoming events.

Photography by Canberra Bec