My Studio

I first met Miss Gen in 2015 when she contacted Vicky from Rockstars & Royalty to do a photoshoot using her dresses. Gen is from Canberra but she works and lives in London and returns to visit her family every year. I was over the moon when she offered to take photos of my studio for her portfolio. She came in while I had flowers in my garage for Eve’s wedding and the summer Hidden Feast. We caught up over tea and lamingtons and then she took photos while I worked on Eves bouquets. I hardly noticed her taking photos as we kept chatting away. I always love Gen’s work, but I have to say that I adore these photos. While browsing through the images, I learnt the Potential lighting of my workspace and have started taking more photos in this space because of the perfect moody lighting.

Miss Gen is my favourite wedding photographer and she also does family portraits and studio shoots for artists. She comes to Canberra once a year and is available to work when she’s in town. 

Photography by Miss Gen Photography