Hidden Feast - Bloom

Hidden Feast is a charity event designed as a beautiful dinner set in a hidden venue around Canberra. The creator of this event is Anisa Sabet from the Macadames - an extremely talented food photographer as well as a recipe developer. When she gave birth to her daughter Remi, she had complications which requiredthem both to stay at NICU . Impressed by their services, Anisa decided to hold an ambitious charity event in which 100% of the proceeds would benefit NICU.

I got referred to Anisa by Her Canberra. I had never heard of Anisa until she introduced herself to me. I agreed to take up the volunteer position 1 week after Anisa emailed me, and about 2 days later I got cold feet when I realized the team that she had pulled together to do this event included such talented people. I would have never dreamed to work with photographer and stylist “Lean Timms” or Aaron from “Studio Neon”. I was very nervous and questioned my ability to fit in to this group of these extraordinary people.

Regardless of my insecurity I attended the meetings and did all I could to do the best job possible. I am very glad that I did because I’ve learnt so much about event management, styling, hospitality and creating atmosphere through this experience.

The first Hidden Feast was held in between a line of very tall poplar trees at Poachers Pantry. It was a perfect spring day and even as night fell , the sky stayed clear and there was hardly any wind. Needless to say that the event was a huge success and tickets for the next Hidden Feast were sold very quickly.