Hidden Feast - Fall


The third time I worked for "Fall" hidden feast, Lean Timms gave me 1 word to describe what she was imagining for the table set up: ‘masculine’.

I went for a bush walk that weekend and found some rustic materials that I thought would suit her description. I found some dried banksias, bracken, and a dried prickly bush that I was unfamiliar with. My friend nicknamed it ‘jaffa plant’ as it has orange seed pods and smells delicious. Being autumn it was also very easy to spot some long overarching rosehips that I thought would make a perfect feature for the table.

In addition to this, Lean let me forage some materials from her own garden, including red crepe myrtle leaves and some unknown branches that I thought looked interesting. Lean also had some chestnuts and a friend of mine managed to obtain pomegranate and quince branches.

While I was making an arrangement for the welcoming area, Amy from Fraturro Flower Farm appeared with 3 stems of ‘café Au Lait’ Dahlias from her flower farm. I have followed her on Instagram for awhile so it was great to finally meet her in person. The dahlia was so beautiful and it was exactly what I needed to complete the arrangement. 

The event was held at the Majura Vineyard. Although we planned to set the table on the hills initially, the weather didn’t permit so we settled on the side of the café instead. The area was very cozy and intimate, so even though we had a limited outdoor view compared to our normal events, we were happy with a venue that was warm and comfortable for the guests.